A 2012 report indicated an overweight and obesity prevalence of 13.5% for South African children aged 6-14 years which is higher than the global prevalence of 10% in schoolchildren. And if that doesn’t make you think, nothing will!

Obesity Week (October 15-19) specifically aims to raise greater awareness of the rising incidence of childhood obesity and the accompanying health risks which include cardiovascular diseases, such as high cholesterol or high blood pressure and diabetes.

But here’s the good news… There’s an elixir on hand that requires no prescription, has no common side effects and costs very little: Ordinary water.
But could an answer to obesity be this simple? Yes, that’s the way it appears as research studies increasingly seem to indicate that children encouraged to drink water rather than beverages with added sugar, such as soft drinks, sports drinks and fruit juice drinks, can avoid becoming overweight.
And parents can play an important role by simply replacing fruit juices and fizzy drinks with ordinary water at the table.

SIP, SIP AND SOME MORE… a few tips to encourage children to drink water:

1. Make it a family affair
Ensure that water is the main drink in your home and lead by example. Make water a hero by telling your children about the health benefits (water keeps your skin looking good and your muscles energised) and they will quickly follow suit.

2. Make the best option the only option
Have bottled water easily available when your child feels thirsty. You can also turn ordinary water into a style statement with Evian. The convenient packaging in different sizes is not Evian’s only attribute. The water filters through an ancient glacial filter deep in the heart of the French Alps filters for 15 years before it is bottled as Evian. It’s low low sodium content and balanced mineral composition makes it the perfect drink for mothers and babies.

3. Ice Ice baby
Kids love ice! Whether it’s the coolness or the clinking sound it makes, it doesn’t matter. It’s exciting so add some ice and see if that does the trick!

4. When times get tough…
If you’re still not winning, why not add a few low sugar fruits (the berry family is a great choice) for a subtle sweetness. And they can eat the fruit once they’ve finished their water.

So go for water and keep your family happy and healthy this summer!

1. 2012 South African National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES-1)

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