Chilla Beverages

Launched in 2002, Chilla is a family run business. It is the personal touch that has guided the success of our company and it is our pledge to continue the passion and unique connection throughout our endeavors.

In eight short years, Chilla has become the leaders in premium beverages in South Africa. Chilla distributes to both the food service and retail industry. Majority of our products fall within the ‘coffee category’ with large emphasis on frappes, smoothies and hot chocolates. Chilla has successfully introduced world wide beverage trends into the South African market.

With our growth has come great innovation through which we have created leading product lines in the industry. Chilla ready to drink and Chilla choco stick are two examples of originality that have taken the market by storm.

It is our vision that the original affects of our personal touch needs to be everlasting and it is with this philosophy that we continue our stride of leading the market in South Africa.