evian®water by Alexander Wang

evian® has an exciting history of collaborating with designers to add fashion flair to its limited edition bottles. From Kenzo, Issey Miyake and Paul Smith to Jean-Paul Gaultier, the list is long and famous and the thirst for original Limited Edition bottles unquenchable.

evian® selected New York based fashion designer Alexander Wang for its ninth designer collaboration. The 2016 evian® Limited Edition bottle features Wang’s signature bar code logo on two contrasting bottles, one black and one white. The purity of evian® water is emphasized through clean graphics and highlighted by the play of the lines on the bottles.

Wang has partnered with big household names, such as H&M, in the past, but product design for a beverage was something new. On his decision to work with evian®, Wang said, “We don’t just live with clothes and shoes. We sit on furniture. We go to restaurants. We eat. We drink. To work with partners that have perfected what they do is something I learn so much from and it really stimulates me.”

South Africans can taste design for a limited period only. Look out for the evian® by Alexander Wang collectable limited edition glass bottles in selected Pick ‘n Pay stores from the recommended retail price of R91.00.

Watch evian® by Wang here:

About evian®
evian® Natural Mineral Water bottled since 1826, is the world’s #1 brand of premium natural mineral water. Every drop of evian® takes more than 15 years to filter through mineral rich glacial sands in the pristine French Alps. Bottled at source in a state of the art facility, evian® comes from the Cachat Spring located on the Southern shore of Lake Geneva, in the town of Evian-lesBains. evian® provides a uniquely balanced mineral composition and subtle flavor as a product of its unhurried journey.

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