It’s French and fabulous Gourmet without the effort…

Stafford Bros & Draeger, leaders in fine foods in South Africa for over 90 years, has acquired the distribution rights for Tipiak, a leading French food company known for its high quality gourmet style prepared food products.

Tipiak has earned its reputation as a supplier of innovative, state-of-the-art, quality products by rigorously selecting its raw materials, by having a all-embracing quality approach (see separate release) and by its expertise in combining and cooking ingredients.

“We are excited to add another market leader to our range of brands,” says Christopher Lewis-Enright, managing director of Stafford Bros & Draeger (Pty) Ltd. “As a family owned company ourselves, we relate to the values of quality and forward thinking that has been the trademark of Tipiak, a company with a family history that stretches back over a 100 years.” (See separate release).

Staffords Bros & Draeger is delighted to introduce the following Tipiak products to discerning, time-poor South African consumers:

For 150 years, Tipiak has been selecting the best cereals and flours from around the world for use in its products. Polenta is an Italian speciality made from corn semolina, which, just as rice or pasta, is served with meat or fish or on its own with a sauce. Tipiak’s pre-cooked polenta is ready in 5 minutes, can be cooked on the stove or in the microwave, can be served soft or hard, does not contain any added colours, flavours or preservatives and is a delicious substitute to rice, potatoes or pasta

Tipiak’s quinoa gourmand is a delicious mix of bulgar and quinoa. Also called the Incas’ rice, quinoa originates from the Andes and is a seed that contains many essential nutrients. Tipiak’s ingredient and food expertise is highlighted in this tasty combination of white and red quinoa: original and crunchy with a distinctive bulgur softness. It’s easy to prepare, seamlessly replaces rice and pasta and is delicious served cold in salads and hot, either as a side or as a main dish.

Of Berber origin, couscous is still consumed on a daily basis in Northern Africa. It is synonymous with the generosity of bringing together family and friends around the table. Tipiak’s express couscous is produced with the very best rolled, steam-cooked, dried and sieved semolina (hard grains of the durum wheat). It’s simple to prepare, a guaranteed delight on the dinner table and time-poor consumers will love the fact that it’s ready in 4 minutes

Since the dawn of time in the Maghreb region in North Africa, couscous has been consumed cold as Tabouleh. Tipiak has revived this authentic cuisine creating an inspired savoury couscous seasoned with mint and lemon those simple and flavourful ingredients we all love. Added extra virgin olive oil and herbs make it easy to pull together quick, convenient and unusual dishes and refreshing exotic salads.

Capture the essence of holidays in the sun by bringing the very best flavours and ingredients of the Mediterranean into your kitchen with Tipiak’s tomatoes and herbs couscous. Only the best durum wheat forms the base of this French style couscous that is mix of baby vegetables, roasted tomatoes, olive oil and sun-drenched Provençal herbs that create a flavourful, savoury mélange.

Tipiak’s organic whole wheat couscous is made in France from durum wheat farmed according to organic agricultural guidelines and methods reflecting Tipiak’s brand values of providing food which is both healthy and natural. The whole grains are preserved in their protective kernels making them rich in fibres, phosphorous, iron and magnesium to provide the nutrients necessary for healthy diets and busy lifestyles.

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