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Tempting flavours. Irresistible aromas. Completely natural.

Keeping healthy shouldn’t be hard work, that’s why we love the new Twinings Infuso range. Twinings, master blenders of the world’s best quality teas and infusions for over 300 years, have ethically sourced the finest flavors of herbs, fruits and spices from around the world and blended them into a great-tasting range of herbal and fruit infusions; natural, mouth-watering and healthy.

“The tantalizing flavours and aromas of Twinings infusions offer an irresistible alternative to sugary, carbonated drinks whilst providing an easy way to help you feel and look great,” says Patrick Lewis-Enright, chairman of Stafford Bros & Draeger (PTY) Ltd. “The range is not only naturally sugar and caffeine free; with only 4 calories per cup, it’s the perfect all day, every day drink. You can either savour all-day-me-time-tea-time with your favourite Infuso flavor served hot, or discover skinny summer with guilt-free ice-lollies and smoothie bowls. “

At Twinings, tea is our passion and whilst much has changed over the past 300 years, our principles of using the finest ingredients and expertly blending every one of our teas remains the same. And with three centuries of blending and tasting, it’s safe to say we know a lot about tea and infusions. We’re confident that there is a blend within our Twinings Infuso range that you’ll love.



Distribution: Pick n Pay, Spar, Dischem, Makro, Thrupps

Recommended Retail Price: R69.99



Twinings Raspberry Pomegranate Infusion

The exotic sweet-sharp flavour of pomegranates and the velvety notes of raspberries is the perfect marriage for a burst of tangy summer fruit flavours.  

Twinings Liquorice, Mint And Fennel Infusion

The infusion of sweet liquorice and fennel with cooling peppermint creates a delectable, sweet and refreshing taste.

Twinings Strawberry and Mango Infusion

Tropical, sun-ripened mangoes meet the sweet aroma of ripe English summer strawberries in this exotic, rich yet refreshing infusion.

Twinings Pure Peppermint Infusion

Nothing but pure peppermint leaves gives this infusion a delightfully light and energizing mint aroma.

Twinings Camomile

Like the centre of these pretty daisy-like flowers, this is a golden infusion that is slightly sweet and floral.

Twinings Lemon and Ginger

A sunny and invigorating infusion that blends two of the world’s best loved ingredients; spicy, warming ginger and bright, zesty lemons.

Twinings Camomile Honey and Vanilla

 This blend is a soothing flavour combination of delicate, floral camomile with just a touch of gorgeously rich honey flavour and a hint of vanilla.

Twinings Rooibos

Rooibos has no need to be blended with other ingredients. It stands alone and still achieves a full colour, taste and aroma. It’s also the only infusion that goes well with milk.



What is the difference between a herbal or fruit infusion, and regular tea?

The major difference is that fruit and herbal infusions are entirely caffeine free – this is because they are not made from tea leaves at all. All traditional teas are made from the leaves of the tea plant Camellia Sinensis. Herbal teas or infusions are made from whatever fruits, flavors and herbs you see on the packaging!

What does an infusion taste like?

Refreshing and natural tasting, full of flavour and wonderful aromas, too. Fruit and herbal infusions are naturally sugar free, so their sweetness is natural and not as intense as sugary drinks. These caffeine free infusions are both relaxing and enlivening, depending on the time of day, your mood and your choice of infusion.

How to make the perfect infusion?

  1. Place a teabag into your favorite cup – or a tea pot if you prefer a more mellow flavor.
  2. Fill kettle from the cold tap before boiling.
  3. Fill with the boiling water.
  4. Then, most important, wait for 3-4 minutes for the flavours to infuse.
  5. Stir and enjoy!
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